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SmartPTT, is a highly secured and a digital platform that provides instant and integrated communication for all segment of companies all over the world.

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Mobile Application

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PC Client

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Web Admin Console

Easiest and most user-friendly way of communication designed with the highest technology

Push To Talk

Talk anywhere in the world with Wİ-Fİ or data , talk with a user or group without any limit. It’s far better faster and more practical than classic radio systems.


SmartPTT enables communication with text messages. Users also can send and receive photos by gallery or by the camera. They can send location also.

Recent Messages

It’s not possible to miss any conversation on SmartPTT!! Also users can replay all the voice records at last 48 hours. That function can’t be provided by radio systems.

Unlimited Channel

SmartPTT doesn’t have any limit for group or users added to group. You can easily customize any group up to your optimization needs. And It’s very practical to switch groups comparing the radio channels.

% 100 Secured

All of the records are encrypted with AES 256 bit and protects our customers private communication. So It’s no way for any leaks to system and It’s not possible to understand the contents.

Live Location Tracking and Maps

Track the location of your users and their location history on google maps. Also send voice records to the specific area that only users on that are will receive.

The New Way Of Team-Communication

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No Extra Cost With Secured Cloud Model

  • Start using the app quickly just after the agreement.
  • Always have the updated version of SmartPTT, There won’t be any charge about version updates.
  • There won’t be any server, infrastructure and colocation cost. The service is hosted at high-qualified SmartPTT servers.
  • 7/365 dedicated customer support is included in service.
  • All data are encrypted with AES 256 bit and provide top level safety of private communication.

On-Premise Model For Your Local Network

  • SmartPTT is deployed on company’s server hardware and network.
  • One-time fee is charged instead of license-based fee. It’s lifetime.
  • All the server and colocation costs must be paid by the customer.
  • The customer is responsible for maintenance, current upkeeps of all servers and networks.
  • Remote setup is recommended.
  • New versions and new features are extra billed upon the request.
  • Yearly maintance is a mandatory for first 3 years.
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Connect Radios and Smartphones!

SmartPTT enables customers to connect mobile app and all kind of radio technologies with a gateway device provided by Biotekno! That cost effective feature is the best solution for the companies that have mandatory for using radios because of any reason. After connecting a gateway between radio and SmartPTT channel. Both user can easily communicate with crystal-clear voice quality.

radio gateway

Message Database Console Store All Your Voice Archieve Without Any Limit

Regular service keep all the voice records between 24-48 hours. Message Database Console is a different add-on platform that enables SmartPTT customers to store and retrieve all SmartPTT voice records, easily filter and export data to computer from any user or channel.

Message Database Console, charged as an additional fee. Provides customers to archive their voice data safely at on-premise server or cloud.

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Feel The Difference With Wearable Technologies

Compatible with lots of headset and smart watches including too many models. However, please contact us before committing to a large purchase.