Easiest and most user-friendly way of communication designed
with the highest technology

Push to Talk

Talk anywhere in the world with Wİ-Fİ or data , talk with a user or group without any limit. It’s far better faster and more practical than classic radio systems.


SmartPTT enables communication with text messages. Users also can send and receive photos by gallery or by the camera. They can send location also.

Recent Messages

It’s not possible to miss any conversation on SmartPTT! Also users can replay all the voice records at last 48 hours. That function can’t be provided by radio systems.

Unlimited Channel

SmartPTT doesn’t have any limit for group or users added to group. You can easily customize any group up to your optimization needs. And It’s very practical to switch groups comparing the radio channels.

% 100 Secured

All of the records are encrypted with AES 256 bit and protects our customers private communication. So It’s no way for any leaks to system and It’s not possible to understand the contents.

Live Location Tracking and Maps

Track the location of your users and their location history on google maps. Also send voice records to the specific area that only users on that are will receive.

Web Admin Console

With that panel, you can manage all your communication network like; adding/editing users or channels, viewing locations defining user roles.

User and Channel Profiles

All the users have profile name and picture also GSM number. So It’s not necessary to define a code before the voice record. Unlikely the radio systems, It’s much faster the recognize the user and channels. 

Emergency SMS

With only one button, users can send their current location data with SMS to defined GSM Numbers. You can define more than one GSM number.

Avaible For All Android Based Devices

Use SmartPTT at all kind of android devices like ; industrial devices, PoC devices, all kind of smart phones. Contact us to see list of tested devices.

Connect With Wi-Fi

SmartPTT is also avaible for Wİ-Fİ. Without any extra data charge, users can connect with any Wİ-Fİ safely and talk anywhere in the world!

User Hierarchy Role

Determined users can interrupt all the voice traffic at the channel in urgent cases. Determine a user hierarchy role between 1-10 for interrupting high-traffic channels!

Forwarding Voice Record for Future

Save your voice record and set it for any date and time to any user or channel! Doesn’t matter your phone is opened or having internet connection at sending. The message will be saved to cloud and sent for sure.

User Authorization

Manage user roles like voice recording time, authorization for sending voice to channel or user, access for admin panel, edit user profiles , determine their hierarchy structure!

Radio Gateway Integration

Connect SmartPTT users and radio users together with a gateway device provided by Biotekno! So in necessary cases continue using your radio system.

Why SmartPTT?

The Reasons to become SmartPTT User

With 10 + years experience and feedbacks from the customers all over the world, we are offering updated technology trends to all our customers.

Also we provide push to talk apps of 3 biggest Telecom Operators in Turkey.

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